BAT Announce Record Rise in Vape Users

BAT Announce Record Rise in Vape Users

The vape industry has had quite a year, not only are more and more cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping but also non smokers are giving the e-cigs a go as well!

How much of this is pandemic related is not 100% clear but boredom and being stuck at home are most likely factors in this sudden increase in vape users.

Many tobacco smokers are looking for other options and according to a recent study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, about 64% of smokers will try e-cigarettes that look similar to tobacco cigarettes. Yet only about 4% of smokers go on to transition to vaping, but this study suggests that this is not an all-or-nothing process. In other words, the more time you spend smoking, the more likely you are to make the switch to e-cigs or vaping in general.

Vape Group

BAT, the business-to-business vape company now owned by Vape Group, has seen a record increase in the number of vape users over the last few months. BAT revealed that its monthly users of vape products across its various channels has jumped dramatically and is continuing to rise.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to increase your nicotine intake, a vape cartridge may be just what you need. A recent survey by BAT found that there were over 3.8 million vape users in the UK alone. This is the highest number of vape users ever recorded in the UK and more people than ever have been vaping. If you are tempted to try vaping just make sure that you choose a reputable company with tried and tested products like PK Vapes.

BAT now has nearly 15m consumers of products such as vaping devices, heated tobacco and oral nicotine pouches. This compares with the 638bn sticks of cigarettes the company sold last year to roughly 140m smokers.

Worldwide Market Growing

The worldwide vaping market is growing at an impressive rate, with many new products hitting the market and potential for growth in the years to come.

For the first time, BAT Labs have seen significant increases in both the number of people who are vaping and in the number of users who are vaping at the same time. A new survey conducted by BAT Labs has shown that more people are vaping than ever before with a total of 572,654 people vaping daily. In addition to this significant growth, VapeXhale have also seen an increase in the number of vapers who use a variety of different products including e-liquids and other vaping devices.

Jack Bowles, BAT’s chief executive, said “2021 would be a pivotal year for the business, which owns brands including Lucky Strike and Dunhill cigarettes. Tobacco stocks have been under pressure, partly because of worries about further regulation. Some countries, however, have less tough anti-smoking rules, including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam, which BAT on Tuesday singled out as key areas for growth. “

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