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Premium E Juice vs Regular E Juice

Once you have made the jump to vaping, there are still a few decisions and trials to go through. One of the biggest of those is finding liquid flavours that suit your taste and pallet. You’re never going to stick with this if every time you vape, the taste is unpleasant.

With a bewildering array of flavours and prices on offer, simply trial and error could be expensive. We have put together a little blog to offer advice, or of course you can always call into a professional vaping shop like PK Vapes in Belfast.

How To Choose?

Many vapers will swiftly tell you “you get what you pay for” but is that always the case? And of course you now save money having binned the tobacco so do you want to spend that money back on vaping?

Again it’s personal to each one of us as taste and flavour are subjective.

And if you know where to look or stick with a premium supplier like PK Vapes, there will always be promotions and deals to be had.

What’s The Difference?

E liquids all tend to be formulated with the same basic ingredients, which are  propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine (nicotine free variants available), and the added manufacturers choice of flavouring.

There are no premium or none premium PG or VG and those ingredients differ little, the main difference is in the quality and strength of the flavouring.

Nicotine content also has no bearing on the liquids standard and quality.

That flavour quality differs from food grade to pharmaceutical grade and this reflects in the pricing. Also pharmaceutical flavourings tend to be a little more expensive due to the rigorous testing they have to undergo.

Each manufacturer will decide on the quality level of their flavouring ingredients and price their liquid accordingly.

But no matter how price conscious you are, we strongly recommend you avoid questionable suppliers who may not be bonafide or check able, or have a premises you can visit.

Which Is Better?

It’s easy to make the assumption that a cheaper liquid is not a patch on the premium, but that’s not always the case.

It will very much be down to budget and your personal taste. If you are a connoisseur of vaping, then only premium products may fit your needs.

But ask yourself this question, if you are not someone who can distinguish between a wines subtle flavours tastes, or maybe the understated differences between premium and non premium coffee, are you really going to be able to discern those differences in a vaping liquid?

Just one more area to bear in mind when reviewing pricing is that some manufacturers pack liquids in glass and some in plastic, there is obviously a price difference in the cost of these.

The Wrap Up

It will be up to each individual to decide if premium e-juices warrant their high price tags. We suggest that if you favour cheap e-juices but are curious about premium versions, then just give one a trial run.

If you prefer the more cost effective liquids, then, make sure you’re not being sold. If a liquid does not smell, look or taste right, then it’s not worth chancing it.

We recommend purchasing  your liquid from registered suppliers such as PK Vapes in Belfast.