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Achieving The Best Vape Set-Up

The last 7 years have seen a significant rise in the number of people vaping in the UK. Recent figures show the increase being from approximately 700,000 in 2012 to a huge 3.5 million plus in 2019.

As a vaper, you need to ensure you’re getting the best out of your experience, so our helpful tips and advice on how to achieve the best vape setup will increase your pleasure levels.

Get the correct Juice

A factor that will influence your vaping experience and flavours is getting the correct juice. Not just from a brand that’s right for your e pen, but also has the correct VG-PG ratio to meet your requirements. The experts at PK Vapes in Belfast can advise if you’re in a quandary.

Premium sellers will tell you that the only way to hit the right flavour sweet spot is with a high VG-juice, but as with all things, it is totally down to the individual and their taste preferences.

Airflow Affects Your Vape Setup

It really is a matter of preference and your taste buds. Airflow affects flavour intensity and if you’re a long-term vaper, you know what works for you. As a newer vaper, it’s always a little trial and error.

Less airflow delivers a vapour with increased density and therefore flavour intensity. More airflow gives blogger clouds and some people are led to believe that a bigger cloud is a sign of efficiency, it’s merely a weaker vapour, which may suit you.

It’s all about a personal balance of flavour and taste.

Ensure You Set The Correct Temperature & Wattage

Temperature settings can be crucial and not all vape equipment gives you an adjustment option, so look carefully when buying.

Different manufacturers’ juices may evaporate at different temperatures, so correct temperature settings are paramount. Start with a low setting and then simply work your way up to find the optimum setting for your particular juice and vape pen.

Invest in Pod Mods

Much is written about Pod Mods, and there are strong schools of thought from both camps. Investing in Pod Mods for your particular device, gives you more flexibility with the settings and allows you to easily refill your pen with a variety of liquids.

Then once you’re happy with the actual liquid, you can start to play with airflow and coil placement to find the perfect combination that suits you.

Having switched over to vaping, it makes sense to do as much as you can to achieve the very best vape setup and therefore the perfect vape hit, every time.

Happy Vaping

Getting to know your e cigarette and the range of liquids available will enhance the entire vaping experience and keep you off the cigs.

PK Vapes in Belfast offer our experience and advice, as well as a full range of the above products.

The best vape setup will deliver Happy vapers .


The Advantages of Vaping

It is safe to say that the last year or so has taught us all the importance of maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a wake up call to those who suffer health issues from smoking and recognise the need to quit more than ever.

There is little to contest that vaping is an enormous help in quitting, and the steady stream of new vapers visiting PK Vapes, Belfast store is testimony to a growing number who want to quit smoking.

Let us remind you of the advantages that vaping delivers.

Cost Effective

Few will ever deny that smoking is expensive, and although there is an initial investment when you start vaping, the long-term savings are tangible and can amount to a reasonable sum of money over a year.

Once that initial setup cost is out of the way, liquids and accessories are a much cheaper option, and with a large variety on offer, you can shop around.

Safer And Healthier

Choose a healthier and longer life with vaping.

Vaping liquids have none of the harmful residual effects that cigarettes inflict on your body. There is no build up of tar in your lungs, and many vapers find they benefit from reduced blood pressure.

A healthy blood flow can also boost your immune system and ease breathing issues by oxygenating the blood, giving you more energy.

It’s also great for family and friends, as you no longer force them to suffer from the toxic fumes you emitted previously. The vapor does not stay in the air and clothes, fabrics and furnishings remain untainted.

Everyone will thank you for eliminating their “passive smoking”

Overall, it’s a win, win

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Cigarettes tend to all taste the same and leave a sourness on your palate/

The liquids market offers a tremendous variety of flavours and strengths so that you find the best liquid for you, that tickles your taste buds and leaves you with fresher breath

PK Vapes stock a range of flavours, so pop in and try a new one. It will surprise you how great many of them taste.

Key Advantage

Of course, the biggest single advantage with vaping is “It helps you quit smoking” a goal that so many people need and want to achieve, but can find it hard without support.

Our expert consultants can offer help and advice, and we are honest in saying that there is still a journey to go through. But vaping can get you through that period of abstention in a much shorter time and help you quit the cigarettes for good.

Vaping is definitely a better alternative than nicotine alternatives and is kinder on the body and the pocket.


Quit smoking as soon as possible to add years on your life, be a more pleasant person to be around and reinvigorate yourself.

Vaping really delivers and will support you through quitting.

Call us or drop into PK Vapes in Belfast for helpful advice and the answers to your burning questions.

The Differences Between E-cig, Vape pen, Vaporiser, Box Mod?

If it’s one area that tends to lead to a little confusion among the vaping community, and certainly newcomers, it’s the mixture of terms and terminology used to describe vaping equipment.

So we will attempt to clear away some of the mist, and clarify if meaningless jargon has now beset the industry, or do these terms reflect a significant difference in the various vaping devices.

Read on.

What Is An E-Cigarette?

To some the term e-cigarette seems less refined than “Vape pen” and gives a more direct link back to the very item you have made the life changing decision to quit from.

In conversations you will receive a variety of answers to the question, is that an e-cigarette or a vape pen

The reality is that the general term describes a device that functions as a vaporiser. Simply put , it changes e-liquid into a vapour that can be inhaled as a cigarette substitute.

But there are differences in the way the liquid is held and then administered to the coil. The two types are described as closed system or open system devices.

A closed system will deliver the e-liquid via a cartridge or what is known as a liquipod. This is a sealed unit and inserts into the vaporizer with a simple click

An open system can be refilled manually with any compatible liquid. Customers at PK Vapes in Belfast are confident with both systems and it’s down to personal choice, and if you want to stick with particular flavours or experiment.

What Is A Vape Pen?

This is where confusion can reign, as some use the term Vape pen when describing an e-cigarette, on either system of liquid dispense.

However Vape pens in general tend to be smaller, compact units and operate the closed system of dispense.

They can fit easily into a handbag or your jacket pocket, so they are a little more flexible than larger e-cigarettes. With a number of different types to choose from, be careful when purchasing refills as a large number are only compatible with a particular liquid pod type.

What is a Box Mod?

A box mod is often referred to as the professional valpers device of choice (sometimes referred to as a vape mod). And it is true that the majority of these tend to be used by more experienced vapers, but don’t let that put you off, and PK Vapes in Belfast are happy to offer advice.

In general they are determined by size, as they tend to have larger battery compartments for longevity. You will also find that the mouthpiece is wider and therefore the overall size is substantially bigger than a standard vape pen and many e-cigarettes.

That larger battery compartment delivers a powerful performance, but many experienced vapers prefer the box for a greater margin of control and customisable features or settings.

The reason why these units tend to be used by experienced vapers is that not only do those people know their requirements by years of trial and error, but also have a greater understanding of vaping products and liquids.

So Which One Is Best?

Like all things in life personnel choice is a key factor, don’t go rushing out to buy a box if your a newbie to vaping, as invariably you will end up with a less satisfactory experience

Start slowly as a newcomer with a simple vape pen or e- cigarette and find your levels of personal taste, liquid strengths and flavours.

Help is always available at PK Vapes for those who need it.

PK Vapes - FAQ


We get asked lots of questions relating to Vaping in Belfast and we hope that our FAQ section goes some of the way to assisting. Of course, we are always happy to hear from our customers directly, so if you need any more information then just let us know.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser (PV) imitates a regular tobacco cigarette. It is battery powered and delivers nicotine to the user, but without the smell and combustion associated with tobacco cigarettes.

It doesn’t feel exactly the same as smoking; however, using an e-cig or indeed vaping as it is more widely known does replicate the sensation of smoking and in many ways provides the user with the hand to mouth movement that many smokers have.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

In most cases the e-cig equipment has 3 main components:

  • The atomising device
  • A Rechargeable Battery
  • The Mouthpiece

The atomiser works to heat and evaporate the liquid from the cartridge. This is turned into a fine vapour mist that is very similar to tobacco smoke.

Key Benefits of Vaping

There are significant benefits of vaping vs smoking tobacco, here are the main ones:

  • Significantly less expensive than smoking tobacco
  • No bad odours or clingy tobacco smells left in hair or clothes
  • Controllable nicotine level
  • Cleaner without the need of matches, lighters, dirty ashtrays and even cigarette butts!
  • No tar produced
  • Flexible, the user can take what they want, without the need that you have to waste an unfinished cigarette

How Similar to Smoking Is It?

Most people will say that it remains quite similar to smoking tobacco, certainly in the action of it; however, tastes are different, especially given the wide variety of vapours that are available.

Is It Really Cheaper Than Smoking?

Tobacco users already know that smoking is a very costly habit. In reality we know that vaping is more cost effective and like everything it will depend on how much you use.

Some surveys suggest that the average 20 per day smoker could save around £120 – £150 per month when switching to purely vaping. These figures include the cost of cartridges or nicotine liquid and also a couple of replacement atomisers each month.

How Many Puffs of My Vape Should I Take?

Each cartridge contains a measured amount of liquid. This liquid is made up of food-safe flavours, a PG or pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and although it doesn’t have to it may also contain a specific level of nicotine.

What Is e-Liquid?

Often referred to as PV fluid, the liquid is a diluted nicotine solution. This liquid can also be purchased separately, to allow the user to refill his or her own cartridges.

Storing Cartridges or e-Liquids

It is recommended that you store these in a dark, dry and cool location. It is not necessarily recommended to store these in a refrigerator.

How To Look After My Battery

One of the main components of the electronic cigarette is the battery.

We would recommend that when you first receive your kit that you charge the battery for a few hours. It is likely that the battery will arrive partially charged, so might not need the level of charging that the manual specifies.

To get the best experience it is sensible that you have one battery on charge or already charged whilst you use the other one.

Depending on your personal habits it is likely that the electronic cigarette battery will last somewhere close to a few hours before needing to be recharged.

Does My Electronic Cigarette Require Special Maintenance?

Basic cleaning is recommended to help to keep your e-cig in tip-top shape.

You can clean the contacts between the atomiser and battery with either a cotton bud or a soft tissue, this helps to ensure that a good electrical connection is made.

Using 2 atomisers and rotating them daily is also good practice as this can also help to prolong their life.

We hope that this FAQ section provides you with answers to your questions, but you can always visit the shop and speak to us directly if you have any other questions, queries or just want to say hello!

We hope that this FAQ section provides you with answers to your questions, but you can always visit the shop and speak to us directly if you have any other questions, queries or just want to say hello!


History of Vaping

One of the world’s largest growing current trends, vaping has an interesting history and has been the subject of many debates on vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Throughout much of the worlds ancient history, people have enjoyed the faint from smoking tobacco leaves and thereby inhaling the chemical known as nicotine.Inventors tend to be dreamers and this was the case with one Joseph Robinson who conceptualised what some consider to be the world’s first electric vaporizer

Then in the early 60’s Mr Herbert A Gilbert took things a stage further with his innovative, smokeless and tobacco-less cigarette, but manufacturers and financiers were reluctant to take up the product. He is however generally given credit for the first creation of a device that is very similar to the modern day e-cigarette.

1990’s And Early 2000’s

In the 1990s and early 2000’s there where several patents filed for various for nicotine inhaler devices by individual inventors and some of the worlds tobacco giants

Today’s e-cigarette as it is known was pioneered by a chinese pharmacist back in 2003 who himself being a smoker, wanted to significantly reduce his 3 packet a day habit, and looked for ways to substitute vapour for cigarette smoke and came to the conclusion that the world need to consume this in vapourised form.

Mr Hon Lik is considered the father of vaping and the e cigarette still today.

Today’s Vaping

Vaping in Northern Ireland probably took off in 2006 when it was introduced into the European market, since then it has seen steady growth despite various opinions (many misinformed) as to its effects and benefits.

A study was commissioned in 2016 by the Northern Ireland chest, Heart and Stroke foundation which hoped to provide a more concise understanding of perceived social factors, peer pressure and personal factors that have an influence on the use of vaping devices and e cigarettes in the Northern irish community.

The two-stage study is based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour and will provide a better understanding of any personal or social factors influencing e-cigarette use in Northern Ireland’s  sample group.

The objective is to understand the factors influencing e-cigarette use by investigating the belief-based measures and Theories

Targeted areas being attitudes towards vaping and e-cigarettes, if there was any significance in the role of partners or family, and is the ease or perceived difficulty of engaging in vaping a factor.

No doubt debate will reign long and hard for some time, but thousands of Northern Irish residents swear by vaping and the lift it has given them on their quest to give up smoking, but still able to enjoy that little nicotine rush.

The Wrap Up

So the choices are entirely individual, but PK Vapes of Belfast report a steadily growing boom in their products with customers visiting the shop at the Park centre from across Belfast, Newton abbey and Lisburn.

We also offer great free advice and consultation services.

When you are looking for a vape shop that covers Belfast, Newtownabbey or Lisburn then PK Vapes is the name to trust!