Demographics of Vapers

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Demographics of Vapers

As vaping continues to be a major growth industry, we recently chatted about the demographics of vapers.

At the PK Vapes store in Belfast, we get such a wide range of customers looking for advice and products, from first time vapers to the seasoned vaper they come in many shapes, sizes, ages, colours and creeds.

So is there a typical demographic for a vaper?

The PK Vapes team have looked at this, and our latest blog may give you some surprising answers.

<h2>Just how popular is vaping</h2>

We know it’s popular, but let’s look at some statistics.

According to the World Health Organisation in 2011, there were around 7 million e-cigarette users across the world. Leap forward to 2018, and that number had significantly increased to just over 41 million.

It is estimated that by 2022 there will be close to 60 million vapers as the rush to quit smoking gains traction.

A Euromonitor survey in 2018 logged the 3 largest markets for vaping products as the USA, The United Kingdom and Japan. While these may be enormous markets for products, it might not mean they have the greatest numbers of users, as they are 3 countries with high retail costs.

Do young people Vape

Yes, they do and it’s hopefully a sign of a drive towards better health rather than just a fashion trend. Many young people who visit the PK Vapes Store in Belfast are smokers who are looking to quit from an early age.

A Gallup pool in the USA IN 2018 showed that up to 20% of Americans who were aged from 18 to 29 were using vaping products. This was against 16% in the 30 years old to 64-year-old category.

You would think that it would be older people who have been smoking for years and need to give up, but younger people seem to still get drawn into smoking via peer pressure or a craze, but equally seem to quickly realise the health warnings.

The UK

This year the Government updated its research report into vaping. The report showed that there was some vaping preference in the North of England and that around 17.5% to 20.1% of smokers were using vapers products to wean themselves away from tobacco.

An interesting stat was that over 10% of former long-term smokers were using vaping as a support mechanism and had ditched the Cigs for over a year.

The data also showed that the numbers of vapers who also still smoked had hugely declined from 2012 from 74% to around 38%.

Proof that vaping works?, we leave that conclusion to you.

The Wrap

No doubt vaping is on the rise and a far smaller percentage of smokers are using a nicotine replacement product, and instead are turning to vaping.

At PK Vapes, the demographics are interesting, but do not really affect our business. We are here to help and advise anyone who is looking to quit smoking or maybe just wants to try vaping as a stand-alone product for social purposes.

You can trust PK Vapes in Belfast for sound advice.



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