How The Pandemic Has Affected Vaping

How The Pandemic Has Affected Vaping

How The Pandemic Has Affected Vaping

The fact that we have a pandemic on our hands means that vaping is a hot topic. But now the media is focusing on how it’s being used in the US and other countries to relieve people from the effects of smoking. This has been pretty much true for several years, but what does vaping mean to you?

One of the biggest changes in the vaping industry is that not only smokers are now turning to vapers but also non smokers who are just looking for something to relieve stress, pressure and boredom.

As you can imagine, everywhere the world has been infected with a pandemic virus, the vaping industry has gone into overdrive to capitalize on the opportunity. Estimates suggest that as many as 70% of all teens in America (18-24) have tried vaping.

Covid-19 & Smoking

As Covid-19 tends to hit smokers worse than non smokers, many cigarette users have taken the opportunity to change to what they believe is the healthier option of vaping. This has caused a huge boom in the already popular vaping industry.

Many users have gone from vaporizer to vape pen, while others have switched completely, moving from cigalikes to e-cigs, which are far more powerful and contain nicotine.

Mental health and especially Teen mental health has become a huge concern during the pandemic and we are seeing more and more teenagers turn to harmful habits such as smoking, taking drugs, binge drinking and even self harm. Vaping is seen as a moderately mild exercise in comparison to some others but it can still put users at risk of greater complications from the Covid-19 virus. If you want to try vaping, make sure you choose a reputable and regulated company like PK Vapes .

COVID-19 has changed e-cigarette use by teens and young adults, said Brian Jenssen, a researcher and primary care pediatrician specializing in tobacco use at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. But the shift has not been what he expected, Jenssen said.

Schools and Colleges

While schools and colleges were closed during the pandemic, many teenagers and young adults were stuck at home with their parents and other family members and unable to hide their vaping secret. While school closures can be an unpleasant experience for teenagers and young adults, quitting vaping or smoking suddenly can be even worse. If they decided to quit cold turkey then they would have seen some pretty nasty side effects during the early days which their parents may have put down to sickness or even ‘pandemic blues.

“Some data suggests that teens and young adults are using at the same levels they were pre-pandemic, and some suggests that they are using at lower rates,” said Jenssen. “Whatever is happening, it’s affected by the fact that teens can’t access these products as easily from stores, so they’re getting a lot of products online.”

Because decreased access has impacted teens’ e-cigarette use, “that shows that we need to do a better job … making it difficult to purchase these products and punishing the stores who sell illegally,” Jenssen said. “We also need to look at restricting online sales.”

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