The Advantages of Vaping

It is safe to say that the last year or so has taught us all the importance of maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a wake up call to those who suffer health issues from smoking and recognise the need to quit more than ever.

There is little to contest that vaping is an enormous help in quitting, and the steady stream of new vapers visiting PK Vapes, Belfast store is testimony to a growing number who want to quit smoking.

Let us remind you of the advantages that vaping delivers.

Cost Effective

Few will ever deny that smoking is expensive, and although there is an initial investment when you start vaping, the long-term savings are tangible and can amount to a reasonable sum of money over a year.

Once that initial setup cost is out of the way, liquids and accessories are a much cheaper option, and with a large variety on offer, you can shop around.

Safer And Healthier

Choose a healthier and longer life with vaping.

Vaping liquids have none of the harmful residual effects that cigarettes inflict on your body. There is no build up of tar in your lungs, and many vapers find they benefit from reduced blood pressure.

A healthy blood flow can also boost your immune system and ease breathing issues by oxygenating the blood, giving you more energy.

It’s also great for family and friends, as you no longer force them to suffer from the toxic fumes you emitted previously. The vapor does not stay in the air and clothes, fabrics and furnishings remain untainted.

Everyone will thank you for eliminating their “passive smoking”

Overall, it’s a win, win

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Cigarettes tend to all taste the same and leave a sourness on your palate/

The liquids market offers a tremendous variety of flavours and strengths so that you find the best liquid for you, that tickles your taste buds and leaves you with fresher breath

PK Vapes stock a range of flavours, so pop in and try a new one. It will surprise you how great many of them taste.

Key Advantage

Of course, the biggest single advantage with vaping is “It helps you quit smoking” a goal that so many people need and want to achieve, but can find it hard without support.

Our expert consultants can offer help and advice, and we are honest in saying that there is still a journey to go through. But vaping can get you through that period of abstention in a much shorter time and help you quit the cigarettes for good.

Vaping is definitely a better alternative than nicotine alternatives and is kinder on the body and the pocket.


Quit smoking as soon as possible to add years on your life, be a more pleasant person to be around and reinvigorate yourself.

Vaping really delivers and will support you through quitting.

Call us or drop into PK Vapes in Belfast for helpful advice and the answers to your burning questions.

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