The History of Vaping

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The History of Vaping

For literally thousands of years humans have developed innovative ways to enjoy the high created by the nicotine in tobacco leaves.

Historians’ consensus is that this started on the South American continent, and history supports this with the fact that the native Indians made the great explorer Sir Christopher Columbus a welcome gift of tobacco leaves.

Once its narcotic effects were shared, sailors and explorers who visited the Americas brought tobacco back to Europe and even grew their own plantations at trading posts and military forts.

Before long, the industry was Europe wide and people flocked to try the new social craze of smoking.

The Health Debate?

For the next few hundred years smoking continued to grow unabated until around 1798, when a well-respected doctor named Benjamin Rush was the first to recognise the health dangers that smoking was responsible for and the danger of disease

Few heeded the early warnings until in the 1920s the first reports of lung cancer began to be recorded in smokers.

Even then throughout the 50,s and 60s it became a fashion trend to be a smoker, but eventually people heeded the warnings as the data from the medical profession delivered hard facts.

<h2>What About Vaping? /h2>

The team at PK Vapes in Belfast did quite a bit of research, as we wanted to really understand the history of our products.

The vaporiser was conceptualised as far back as 1927, when an idea was born for an electric vaporiser to help inhale medical compounds.

In 1963 a man called Herbert Gilbert is thought to have pioneered the very first tobaccoless cigarette and he filed a patent for the device. But although the medical profession showed interest, manufacturers were loath to take on the new idea.

It was the untimely death of a father in China that saw the birth of the e-cigarette as we know it today.

Mr Hon Lik’s father died of smoking related disease and as a pharmacist he put his mind to the task of inventing a device to help reduce cigarette smoking by the vaporisation of a liquid.

In 2003 the e-cigarette was born and they introduced the concept and product to Europe in 2006. It then made its way across the Atlantic a couple of years later, and the worldwide vaping community was born.

The Wrap

At first the World health authorities were more than a little puzzled by these new ideas and the devices. But medical reports continue to substantiate that Vaping is far healthier than smoking.

The fact that most of the Tobacco giants are actively experimenting with updated e-cigarette alternatives tells us that they have seen the writing on the wall regarding the decline of tobacco smoking, and the immense growth of the vaping industry

Hope you enjoyed a brief history lesson “check out the blog page on the PK Vapes website for some of our other popular posts”.

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