Things You Need To Know About Vaping in 2021

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Things You Need To Know About Vaping in 2021

If you have not heard of vaping or you’re unfamiliar with it “where have you been hiding”?

Lots of people are chatting and conversing about the benefits of vaping and how for many it’s virtually been a lifesaver and changed their health considerably.

Since its conception vaping has grown significantly in popularity and you will see vapers almost everywhere as you go about your day.

But for some it’s still all a bit of a mystery.

So we tasked a couple of the PK Vapes in Belfast team to prepare a nice information blog on the basics of what you need to know about vaping in 2021.

The Basics

I suppose the first point to tackle is “why do you want to vape”?

For many people who have decided to start vaping at home, it is a major step in improving their health by kicking the smoking habit. It is very understandable why, as studies have shown that not only is vaping considered far safer than smoking, as in general the liquid contains a minimal amount of nicotine compared to tobacco and does not have the additional poisons associated with tobacco smoking (arsenic for example).

There is also the financial element, as it can save you a pretty penny or two.

  • E-Juice:

You should research and learn about e juice. This is the liquid that is vaporised to deliver the hit you need and they come in a variety of strengths and flavours. At the PK Vapes Store in Belfast, they often ask us for advice on choosing the right e liquid, and our knowledgeable staff are always happy to help.

Most e liquids have an element of nicotine, and many first time vapers will find starting with a stronger solution is easier and keeps the cravings at bay. You can then gradually reduce nicotine content.

  • Flavorings:

A mind of options await the Vapor and its another aspect of why Vaping has become increasingly popular, so much nicer to have the flavour of Strawberries or Chocolate on your tongue than stale tobacco.

  • Are there Still Risks Associated With Vaping:

It’s no different to any other substance you inhale, there is always a minor element of risk, although with vaping liquid being partly vegetable glycerin which is often used in medicines, you can see for yourself how much safer it is than tobacco.

Where possible try to always use a premium quality liquid, or take some advice from an experienced and established retailer.

Cheaply manufactured liquids sold on the black market will undoubtedly increase risk.

And Finally

We hope this has given you a little more insight into vaping in 2021, and we would close by saying that while it is recognised across the medical profession that vaping is far healthier than smoking, make sure it’s right for you.


If we can help with any further questions or you would like some additional information, just contact our team at PK Vapes, Belfast


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