What Is A Vape Mod, And Why Are They So Popular?

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What Is A Vape Mod, And Why Are They So Popular?

With almost the last 18 months spent on health concerns across the world, vaping has continued to grow at a fast pace as more and more people quit the ciggies and move to a healthier alternative that is claimed to be up to 95% less harmful than tobacco.

However, even with fairly new trends, there are a variety of vape mods on the market.

So the team at PK Vapes in Belfast has put together our latest blog to help clear up a few misconceptions.

Unlike grabbing a cigarette and taking a draw, vaping as an experience can be tailored to suit your own preferences.

What Are Vape Mods?

As with most things in the 21st century, technology rapidly evolves and manufacturers of e cigs and vaping equipment offer mods to help vapers improve their experience.

Most mods seem to do what they say and offer an upgraded experience, but we firmly advise you do some extensive research yourself or call into a licensed and experienced vaping equipment distributor like PK Vapes in Belfast, for qualified advice and recommendations.

As with any mod, a vape mod is about changing your technology, technique or raw material to deliver the required hit for you and you alone.

Apart from the liquid there are 3 principal areas in terms of equipment, so lets cover these in a little more detail.

Vaping Coils

The engine in your vape kit, there are mods and upgrades on the market, and unless you know the exact requirement to improve your vaping experience, there will be some trial and error.

The coil vaporises your e liquid and some vapers prefer a coil with higher temp, while others feel that a slightly lower temp gives a fuller flavour vape.

Above all, reliability and consistency are vital, as you need to find your cheerful place.

Modifying Your Vape Tank

The vessel that holds you vaping liquid and a vital part of your kit. We have to say that after seeing a few online photos, regular cleaning of the tank for some vapers could almost be considered a Mod.

If you are happy to switch between different flavours, then using a rebuildable tank atomiser will save some time. However, if you are looking for a much stronger flavour, then dripping might be your thing with a rebuildable dripping atomiser that puts your liquid directly onto the coil.

And Finally the Battery

The key component in your vaping device, as battery life when you’re out and about, can be a make or break between getting a vape or crossing back to the dark side.

Batteries are easily changeable and again it is about experimenting with your e cig. Although experimenting comes at an initial cost, it’s worth it to always have juice on those long journeys or in lengthy meetings.

At PK Vapes, in Belfast, we offer an extensive range of batteries and helpful advice.

The Wrap

Changing your vaping experience is all about personal choice and for all your vape mod needs, look no further in Belfast, Lisburn or Newtownabbey than PK Vapes.

Call in to see our friendly team at the Park Center, Belfast

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